Job Posting

Save time copying and
pasting ads

In a single click, post your job to 100s of free and paid job-boards

Branded Job Ads

Design your own themes and improve your employer brand!

Beautiful, branded themes

Design beautiful, branded themes for your job ads. In minutes you can upload your logo and customise font, colours, borders and many other styling options to create the perfect template for your company.

Templates can be used, re-used and tailored to suit different jobs, departments and so forth. Boost your employer branding to compete, attract and hire the most suitable candidates.

Post to multiple job boards and social sites in seconds

Attract and hire candidates at no cost! In a few clicks you can post your vacancy to free job-boards such as Indeed, and social sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also post your jobs to paid job boards such as SEEK, Monster, Career Builder and many others.

Live editing tool

Spelling errors? Grammatical errors? Changed job-outline? No problem! With our live editing tool, you can fix errors at any time and immediately have the changes pushed to all the sites the ad is published on. Gone are the days of having to make the same changes on 10 different sites.

Job-boards on website and intranet!

Attract top talent with a branded job-board on your website. In addition, our platform provides you with a specific job-board that you can embed within your Intranet. This allows you to be selective with the job ads you promote to your current employees. By providing progression opportunities you improve your employer branding and reduce recruitment costs!

Website Integration

We provide a platform that integrates with your company website to your current job listings

Complementary career site and job board integration

MyRecruitment+ comes with a mobile-enabled job board that can easily be linked to your website, so candidates can apply for your available jobs directly through you.

Once the offer is accepted by the candidate, HR or the hiring manager enters the job offer details into the system, and the platform will auto-generate the entire employee pack.

Employment packs are completely customisable and can be tailored to suit your company policy, role requirements or induction process.