The 3rd Dimension to resumes

Unearth the soft skills without the expensive interview process.

Save 100’s of hours each year on interviews with pre-screening

Wouldn’t it be nice if every application comes with a combination of resume, social profile as well as recorded answers? You spend 10 seconds skimming through the resume tab and 30 seconds on the video tab and you have a 3-dimensional understanding of the candidate – qualifications, technical skills, work history as well as soft skills and emotional intelligence.

Wouldn’t this be nice? Well this is exactly what you can have in the MyRecruitment+ platform!

Save Time & Money

Save thousands of $$$ on organising interviews, rescheduling interviews and finally sitting through interviews. Even face-time interviews still cost lots of time to organise and sit through!

To be honest from the recruiter point of view… there isn’t much difference between face-to-face and online live-interviews, but recorded video interviews, are a completely different paradigm! It shouldn’t take a recruiter more than 20 seconds to realise if there’s a potential fit.

Unearth The Soft Skills In A Click

Whilst a resume and a social profile can explain the technical skills and work experience of the candidates… there’s absolutely no equivalent to either seeing the person when it comes to understanding the soft skills.

These are things like personality, communication skills, emotional intelligence – these things are a must when it comes to either cultural fit and assessing how they would be received by your client base.

Application Form

You can plug your Video Interviews questions right at the very beginning of the recruitment process – so you can add one or more video questions to your application form. This way, you can shed some light on the soft skills from the start of the assessment process.

It is incredibly effective to be in this position. As soon as you have looked at the resume and realised that the experience and technical skills are right… to be able to click on the next tab and start watching the video recordings and start assessing their soft skills!